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Sisters in Arms Nonprofit

Educating the Public About Women Empowerment


Previous and Upcoming Events

Sisters in Arms Nonprofit organizes conferences, workshops, and training sessions to raise awareness and educate the public about violence prevention and women empowerment. See our event page to learn about our schedule.

SIAEM 2019 "Rise to Significance"

SIAEM 2020

Dare to be different and see what different does.


Black Diamond Gala

The Black Diamond Gala is a tradition of Sisters In Arms Empowerment Movement. A Black Diamond is often not seen,not often requested, but none the less it is a rare and precious find. When fire is put to that diamond, its true beauty in our lives when we walk through the fire of our challenges.

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A Mother's Blessings Event NYC Nov 2019

A self help life affirming group for mother's whose children have journeyed through this life before them. An initiative where mothers share their children stories to empower themselves and each other. If you believe that God has a plan for your life, you don't want to miss hearing from Samonna. I promise you, this Blessing will bring a Blessing...........

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Breast Cancer Awareness NYC Event Oct 2019

Proceeds to benefit Women in Jamaica as part of our 100 Lives Project. Mammograms for 100 Hundred Women living in underserved areas. Companies and Organizations can donate directly into our page and provide their contact information.

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